Visitor Visa

A visitor visa is a conditional authorization ganted by a territory to a foeigner to enter and remain in a country.

Visitor visa offers a easiest way to visit a country for all your short term visit requirement as:

  • • Tourist Visa
  • • Business
  • • Work
  • • Visiting Family

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Student Visa & Adminssion

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Work Visa - FSTP

A work visa is the permission to take a job within a country o allowing to work in a foreign country.

You can easily apply for work visa as if we are assisting you with your application with expert ideas and personalized training for your wok visa.

Business Visa

Business visa is a non immigrant visa to any country to those who want to travel for a short duration of time for business related reasons.

As destination abroad works in all visa categories and business visa is one of them to plan your business visit come and easy apply through us.

PR Visa - Express Entry

A permanent residence (PR) means a category of permit granted by the government to the foeigners, workers ,investors in some countries.

Come to us check your eligibility of PR visa as everybody planning to settle down in foreign country this is the time plan it with destination abroad just give a call and all your queries will be solved.

PR Visa - PNP

The Provincial Nomination Program offers an easy and valuable route to the Permanent Residency of Canada.

The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) allow the provinces and territories of Canada to designate candidates who wish to immigrate to Canada and settle in a particular province. Each province and Canadian territory has its own Provincial Nominee Program. Each PNP has at least one immigration flow that is collaborated with the Federal Express Entry immigration selection system.

To all nominated students, semi workers,skilled workers and business man for immigration.